Digital Discrimination, Hunger Strike, Kidnapping, Child Abducted, Ground Destroyed, Shepherds Attacked, House Demolished, Palestinians Attacked Gaza


Human rights groups call on PayPal to end digital discrimination in occupied Palestinian territory

Human rights groups have teamed up to tell PayPal to stop refusing its services on discriminatory grounds to Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (oPt), including the West Bank and Gaza.
The coalition has sent a letter to Paypal asking the company to bring its policies into line with international human rights law and to ask the company to work directly with representatives of Palestinian civil society to work together towards a sustainable solution.

Re-arrested Gilboa’s escapee enters third day of hunger strike against Israeli sanctions

Mohammad Arda, one of Gilboa’s six escapees who managed to free himself from a high-security Israeli prison last month, started an open hunger strike on Monday in protest at Israel’s punitive and repressive measures against him and its detainees after they were re-arrested. According to Karim Ajwa, a lawyer on the Palestinian Authority’s Prisoners and Freed Prisoners Committee, Arda has been placed in a small and dirty cell in Ashkelon Prison.
He said Arda is constantly monitored in solitary confinement, including when using the restroom, depriving him of his privacy.

Soldiers attack and kidnap a young man after Israeli settlers occupied his home

Israeli settlers occupied a Palestinian apartment on Wednesday in the Wadi ar-Rababa neighborhood of the city of Silwan, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem, before Israeli soldiers attacked and kidnapped a young man protesting the takeover of his home.
The Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan (Silwanic) said many colonialist settlers invaded and occupied the apartment after forcing the family to leave under the protection of the soldiers.

Including a child, Israeli soldiers kidnap 19 Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli soldiers abducted 19 Palestinians at dawn on Wednesday, including a child and three brothers, from their homes in various parts of the occupied West Bank; ten of the kidnapped are from occupied Jerusalem.
The soldiers stormed and looted many in various parts of occupied East Jerusalem, and kidnapped ten Palestinians, identified as Abdullah Bakr Mustafa, Ali Bakr Mustafa, Mousa Haitham Mustafa, Qais Haitham Mustafa, Marwan Haitham Mustafa, Ahmad Fathi al-Afghani, Qussai Mohammad Dirbas, Diaeddin Nasser, Fadi Abu Rabea’ and Ahmad Shawar.

Army destroys Palestinian territories near Nablus

Israeli soldiers destroyed Palestinian lands in the town of As-Sawiya, south of the northern city of Nablus in the West Bank, on Wednesday.
Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian official who oversees Israel’s illegal colonialist activities in the northern West Bank, said several army jeeps and bulldozers invaded and destroyed the country in the Khallet Hammoud area.
He added that the soldiers surrounded and isolated the area before invading it, preventing the Palestinians from entering their country.

For the third day, Israeli settlers attack herders in Northern Plains

On Wednesday, many illegal Israeli settlers chased and attacked several Palestinian herders for the third day in a row in the village of Khirbat Makhoul, in the northern plains of the occupied West Bank.
Mo’taz Bisharat, a Palestinian official who oversees Israel’s colonialist activities in the Northern Plains, said the settlers attacked the herders and forced them out of the grazing area.

Israeli army demolishes a Palestinian house in Silwan

Israeli soldiers on Wednesday demolished a Palestinian house in the Ein al-Louza neighborhood of the city of Silwan, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem.
Fakhri Abu Diab, the spokesman for the Silwan Lands Committee, said several army jeeps and bulldozers have invaded the neighborhood and demolished a one-storey house belonging to Mohammad Matar.
It is worth noting that Matar was previously forced to demolish part of his house on the pretext that it would be built without a permit; Mohammad has appealed to prevent the destruction of his property.

Israeli soldiers attack Palestinian farmers and fishermen in Gaza

Israeli soldiers attacked many Palestinian farmers and fishermen near Gaza City and Khan Younis in the southern part of the besieged Gaza Strip on Wednesday.
Eyewitnesses said the soldiers, stationed over the fence, fired many bullets at Palestinian farmers on their land east of the town of Khuza’a, east of Khan Younis.
They added that the attack did not result in casualties, but forced farmers off their land for fear of further Israeli escalation.

Soldiers kidnapped two children in Bethlehem and Hebron

Israeli soldiers abducted two Palestinian children on Tuesday evening in Bethlehem and Hebron, in the occupied West Bank.
Media sources said the soldiers raided the village of Wad Rahhal, south of Bethlehem, and kidnapped a child identified as Jawdat Mohammad Fawaghra, 13.
They added that the soldiers kidnapped the child as they walked in front of his school in the village, and took him to the Etzion military base.
In addition, the soldiers kidnapped a child near Tareq Bin Ziad Mosque, in the city of Hebron, and took him to a nearby military base.

(Sources: Days of Palestine, Quds News Network, IMEMC)

Henny A.J. Kreeft
Independent Citizen Journalism

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