Demolish own house, Hunger strikers, House raided, Activist released, Murderers praised, Palestinians kidnapped, Fishermen attacked


Palestinian Citizen Forced to Demolish Home in Jerusalem

On Saturday, according to local sources, the Israeli occupation municipality pressured a Palestinian citizen from Beit Hanina to demolish his own house.
He is the father of five children; Moath Rajabi began demolishing his only house after the Israeli municipality issued a demolition order against it two weeks ago on the pretext that it had been built without a permit.
He said he had no choice but to demolish the house himself to avoid paying the Israeli municipality unreasonable demolition costs in case it did the demolition.

‘Israel’ forces five-member Palestinian family to demolish house in occupied Jerusalem itself

Israeli occupation authorities on Saturday forced a Palestinian family to demolish their own home in the Beit Hanina neighborhood of occupied Jerusalem.
On the orders of the Israeli occupying municipality, Jerusalemite Moath Rajabi himself demolished his own house in Beit Hanina to avoid the Israeli municipality having to pay an additional fine in exorbitant demolition costs if it carried out the demolition.
Rajabi said he received a demolition order two weeks ago from the Israeli occupying municipality, on the pretext of building without a permit.
Rajabi added that he was forced to carry out the demolition himself to avoid paying an additional fine in exorbitant demolition costs to the Israeli municipality.

Growing concern as Abu Hawash begins day 111 of his hunger strike

Palestinian prisoner Hisham Abu Hawash, 40, has started day 111 of his hunger strike amid mounting concerns for his life.
Abu Hawash suffers from emaciation, frequent loss of consciousness, severe potassium deficiency, severe pains in his liver and heart, constant vomiting and inability to sleep and walk.
The prisoner went on a hunger strike to protest his administrative detention, without trial or charge.

After 131 days of hunger strike… Kayed Fasfous is free

Israeli authorities released Kayed Fasfous on Sunday after more than a year of administrative detention and 131 days of hunger strike.
Kayed Fasfous, the father of a girl, went on hunger strike for 131 days to protest his illegal administrative detention. However, on November 22, 2021, he suspended his strike after Israelis set a date to release him.
This morning Fasfous was taken by ambulance to Dora Medical Center, from where he was taken to Istishari Hospital in Ramallah, where he underwent medical checkups.

Israeli troops raid home of Palestinian martyr Mohamad Salima

Israeli occupation forces on Sunday raided the home of the family of Palestinian martyr Mohammad Shawkat Salima, 25, who was shot dead yesterday by Israeli police in the Damascus Gate area of Jerusalem’s Old City.
Dozens of Israeli soldiers stormed the town of Salfit, in the center of the occupied West Bank where the house stands, looted and ransacked the house and questioned the residents for several hours, and detained one of them, Ahmad, Salima’s brother.

IOF kidnaps several Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) kidnapped several Palestinian civilians at dawn on Sunday during campaigns in the West Bank.
According to local sources, the IOF kidnapped Ahmed Salima, the brother of the martyr Mohamed Salima, from his home in Salfit City.
Numerous Israeli soldiers stormed Salfit, raided and ransacked Salima’s house, questioned members of his family for a few hours and detained his brother, Ahmad.
Israeli police officers coldly shot Salima at close range in occupied Jerusalem on Saturday after he allegedly stabbed a Jewish settler.

Israeli authorities release student activist Shatha Taweel

Israeli authorities released Shatha Taweel, 21, a student activist at Birzeit University who was detained for her activism on Sunday.
Taweel was arrested from her home in Bireh in November 2020. She was interrogated at the Ofer detention center before being sent to Hasharon prison and then to Damon prison.
She was arrested as part of an arrest campaign targeting dozens of student activists at the university.

‘Israel’ praises bloodthirsty killers of Palestinian youth in Jerusalem

After their brutal murder of a Palestinian youth in occupied Jerusalem, Israeli officials praised the bloodthirsty soldiers for their actions.
Palestinian 23-year-old Muhammad Shawkat Abu Salima was executed on Saturday by Israeli occupation police officers in the Bab al-Amud area of occupied Jerusalem, though he was wounded and unable to move, and claimed he was planning an attack. stab attack against well-armed Israeli troops.
Video footage shows Mohammed lying on the ground before police officers shot him at close range, despite being unarmed and posing no threat.

Israeli troops attack Palestinian fishermen and farmers in Gaza

Israeli naval ships and soldiers attacked Palestinian fishing boats and farmers on Saturday in two separate incidents in the besieged Gaza Strip.
Eyewitnesses said the navy fired many sharp shots and used water cannons to attack several Palestinian fishing boats less than five nautical miles in Palestinian territorial waters, near Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.
They added that the soldiers also fired sporadic live fire at farmers east of the town of Khuza’a, near Khan Younis, forcing them to leave.
The two attacks caused damage but did not result in casualties, Gaza medical sources have confirmed.

(Sources: Days of Palestine, Quds News Network, English Palinfo, IMEMC)

Henny A.J. Kreeft
Independent Citizen Journalism

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