Consulate, More Jordan Valley settlers, Refusal to freeze detention, Nisreen reunited with family, Palestinians injured, Palestinians arrested, Shops cleared, Roads closed


Report: US Consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem Could Open in Weeks

Sources with ties to the White House told the Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds that Washington plans to go ahead with opening its consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem “shortly” after the state budget is approved next month, in other words, or in November. or early December.
The US sources said the administration of US President Joe Biden was “outraged by Israel’s policy” on expanding illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank and concerned about tensions in the West Bank, especially the recent violent attack. by settlers on Palestinians in Hebron.
In the first phase, the White House plans to reach an agreement with “Israel” on the matter, the sources said.

Israeli authorities present plan to double the number of settlers in the Jordan Valley within 4 years

Israel’s Ministry of Construction and Housing is working on a resolution to double the number of Israeli settlers in the Jordan Valley.
The resolution will not be presented to the occupying government until after the national budget is approved by the Israeli Knesset, but before the end of the 2021 working year, senior government officials told Israel Hayom.
The Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Interior also worked on the joint resolution.
The resolution aims to double the number of Israeli settlers to about 3,000 within four years, given that there are currently some 1,500 settlers living there.
The occupying government will allocate NIS 90 million ($28 million) to the plan.

‘Israel’ refuses to freeze administrative detention of 74-day hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner

Israel’s Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to freeze the administrative order for the detention of Palestinian prisoner Alaa Al-Araj, who has been on hunger strike for 74 days.
The Palestine Prisoner’s Society (PPS) said yesterday that Israel’s Supreme Court refused to freeze the administrative order for Al-Araj’s detention as he has been on a hunger strike for 74 consecutive days against his unfair administrative detention without charge or trial in Israeli prisons.
In September, Al-Araj was taken to hospital after his health deteriorated, and he is now being held in Al-Ramla clinic.

Released detainee reunites with her children for the first time in 6 years

Former detainee Nisreen Abu Kmeil is today finally reunited with her husband and children for the first time in six years, after a three-day ban by Israeli authorities.
Abu Kmeil had said Israeli authorities prevented her from returning home to Gaza through the Beit Hanoun border crossing.
“I want to tell the occupiers that despite you I just entered Gaza! I salute the resistance, which is standing with the detainees anyway,” said Abu Kmeil.
Abu Kmeil was born in occupied Haifa, but married a man from Gaza. She is mother of seven children.

At least 49 Palestinians injured in Israeli crackdown on Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday celebrations

Israeli forces arrested at least 49 civilians and injured at least 11 others on Tuesday during a violent crackdown on peaceful gatherings to mark the birth of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).
Attorney Naser Oudeh said 15 children between the ages of 13 and 15 were among those arrested.
Local sources said Israeli forces attacked civilians in Bab Al Amoud’s courtyard in occupied Jerusalem. They also attacked civilians in the Al Misrarah neighborhood and Sultan Suleiman Street in the occupied Palestinian capital.
Local sources said Israeli troops used skunk water against those celebrating the Islamic holiday.

Army arrests 18 Palestinians from West Bank

The Israeli military detained 18 Palestinian civilians from across the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, the Palestinian News and Information Agency (WAFA) reported.
Soldiers held a released Palestinian prisoner in the village of Atouf in the northern Jordan Valley just hours after his release from Israeli prison.
East of the town of Jenin in the northern West Bank village of Jalboun, Israeli forces have detained a Palestinian civilian.

Israeli authorities to evacuate 30 Palestinian stores in Israel

30 Palestinian store owners in central Israel, land occupied in 1948, have recently received eviction notices from Israel’s Regional Planning and Construction Committee, Arab 48 News reported Tuesday.
The owners of the shops, located in the towns of Qalansuwa and Taybeh, were issued eviction notices on the pretext of building on residential lots, not for commercial use.
The commission gave store owners, Palestinian citizens of Israel, 30 days to evacuate their stores or face a fine of 600,000 shekels ($186,811 US).

Israel closes roads near Gaza Strip for fear of sudden escalation

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has ordered the closure of a number of sites and roads near the Gaza Strip, fearing a sudden escalation of tension and attacks from the besieged enclave, local media reported Tuesday.
“The entrances to the Black Arrow Monument, Givat HaPa’amon, Giv’at Nizmit, the Garden of the Fallen and the Lone Rider Hill are all blocked,” the IDF said.
According to Ynet News, the decision was made after a “situation assessment”, but at this stage no special guidelines have been issued for Israeli settlers living near the nominal border fence with Gaza. However, travel restrictions have been set.

(Sources: Quds News Network, IMEMC, MEMO)

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