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“Facebook Blocks Jerusalem” Campaign Launches in Protest Against Meta’s Censorship of Palestinian Story

Palestinian journalists and activists have launched a campaign titled “Facebook Blocks Jerusalem” to raise their voices and express their rejection of Meta’s recent resumption of years of censorship of pro-Palestinian content on its Facebook platform, Sada Social Center said in a press release.
This campaign comes in the wake of a massive wave by Meta that saw the blocking and/or restriction of many pages of Palestinian media and thousands of personal accounts for Palestinian citizens and journalists on Facebook, it said.

“Facebook Censors Jerusalem”… Campaign Against Facebook Censorship

Activists and journalists said they have launched a campaign against Meta’s policies targeting Palestinian content and the Palestinian narrative.
The campaign comes after the social media giant deleted and suspended several Palestinian pages and thousands of accounts, including news pages.
Most of the removals were directed against Palestinian journalists, who routinely report on Israeli crimes and violations of Palestinians’ human rights.
As part of the campaign, activists denounced “the two-standard policy” followed by the Meta platforms.

Israeli army infiltrates Gaza border, bulldozes tracts of land with bulldozers

The Israeli occupation army carried out a small-scale raid on a border area in the east of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning.
According to local sources, armored bulldozers escorted by several military vehicles have moved from a military post to a border area in eastern Gaza City.

Settlers begin to build new outpost on annexed land in the West Bank

A horde of Jewish settlers began building a new illegal outpost on Tuesday morning on a patch of Palestinian land they had seized in the village of Ein al-Auja, northeast of Jericho in the occupied West Bank.
According to local sources, settlers stormed an area close to the village with heavy vehicles and construction equipment and started building their outpost.

Israeli occupation authorities demolish house in south West Bank, issue demolition orders against others

Israeli occupation authorities on Tuesday demolished a Palestinian house in the Khirbet Maeen community in Masafer Yatta, in the south of the occupied West Bank, and issued demolition orders against two other houses in nearby communities, a WAFA correspondent reported.
He said the demolished house was 200 square meters in size and owned by a local resident. Israel claims it was built without a permit, which is impossible to obtain from the Israeli military government, which controls Area C of the occupied West Bank where Masafer Yatta is located.

Large-scale destruction in Jerusalem drives out dozens of Palestinians

Israeli bulldozers carried out a large-scale demolition operation in occupied Jerusalem on Tuesday, displacing dozens of Palestinians.
Al Qastal reported that large forces, accompanied by bulldozers, broke into Wadi Al Hummus from two sides and destroyed several buildings.
Among the demolished buildings are several houses belonging to the Rabai’a family.

Eight Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli troops in West Bank raids

Israeli occupation forces detained eight Palestinians Monday night in various parts of the West Bank, according to local and security sources.
They said Israeli forces arrested a Palestinian after breaking into his family home in the town of Beitunia, west of the city of Ramallah.
They also arrested another after storming his family home in the village of al-Mughayyir, northeast of the city.
The soldiers also stormed into the al-Baluo’ neighborhood of the city of al-Bireh and forcibly broke into a house to detain another Palestinian who was not there.

WAFA: Soldiers kidnap 19 Palestinians, injure many, in West Bank

According to local and medical sources, Israeli forces detained 19 Palestinians on Monday evening and attacked several others in various parts of the West Bank.
They said Israeli forces have rounded up seven Palestinians from the northern Tulkarm district of the West Bank.
One of the seven detainees was identified as a former prisoner from Nur Shams refugee camp, east of Tulkarm city, three others, including a former prisoner, from Qaffin city, northeast of the city, two others from city Deir-Ghusun and the others from the city.
In the Tubas district, the soldiers detained another after looting his parents’ house in the village of Wadi al-Far’a, southwest of the city, as confirmed by Kamal Bani-Odeh, the director of the Palestine Prisoners’ Society (PPS).

‘Israel’ sends hunger-striking detainee Abu Hawwash to court on Wednesday

Israeli authorities decided on Tuesday to bring to court Hisham Abu Hawwash, who has been on hunger strike for 99 days in protest at his administrative detention.
The Palestinian Prisoners Association said a hearing will be held on Wednesday to review the appeal against Abu Hawwash’s four-month administrative detention. An Israeli court had previously ruled that the period of Abu Hawwash’s administrative detention should be reduced from six to four renewable months.

(Sources: Days of Palestine, Quds News Network, IMEMC)

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