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Raids and Arrests, Including Clashes in the West Bank and Jerusalem

Last night and early Thursday morning, the Israeli occupation forces launched a campaign of raids and arrests, in which clashes broke out between Israeli occupation soldiers and youth.
In Tubas, Israeli occupation forces stormed the southern city of Al-Fara’a and arrested Najeh Al-Kilani and two of his sons after they raided and ransacked his home and destroyed its contents.
In Salfit, Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Kifl Haris, north of Salfit, and prevented civilians from entering or moving through the town in preparation for the storming of religious shrines by the settlers.
In the same context, Israeli occupation forces stormed a high school student’s success party in the town of Kifl Haris, north of Salfit.

In Nablus, the city of Beita, to the south, there were nighttime clashes at the entrance and on the outskirts of Jabal Sabih, as part of the nighttime confusion activities that have been going on for more than two months, in the refusal to send the “Avitar” settlement outpost on Jabal Sabih.
In Jenin, Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Al-Yamoun, west of Jenin, and arrested the two young men, Mansour Abhera and Sherif Al-Bashir, after they stormed the town and raided the homes of their relatives, ransacked and destroyed. Clashes broke out between the Israeli occupation forces and the young men in the city.

Israeli occupation destroyed three houses east of Hebron

Israeli occupation forces demolished three houses today, Thursday, in the town of Sa’ir, east of Hebron (south of the occupied West Bank), under the guise of illegal construction in Area C.
Local sources said Israeli occupation forces stormed the “Wadi al-Sharq” area in the city of “Sa’ir” early Thursday morning.
They pointed out that the Israeli bulldozers started demolishing three houses, each consisting of three floors, owned by: Ahed Ali Yassin Jaradat, Jamal Muhammad Yassin Jaradat and his brother.
They added that Israeli occupation forces attacked the civilians and arrested two young men during the demolitions in the city.

Israeli police kidnap Palestinian and his son from Jerusalem

Israeli occupation police arrested a Palestinian civilian and his son on Wednesday evening after they stormed the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem and kidnapped another at the Shuafat checkpoint, north of the holy city.
According to local sources, police forces kidnapped Mohamed al-Abbasi and his child Uday from their home in Silwan, south of the Aqsa Mosque.
Another young civilian identified as Saleh Ashour was kidnapped by police that evening at the checkpoint of the Shuafat refugee camp in northeast Jerusalem.
Earlier, police forces broke into and searched Ahmed al-Awar’s home in Silwan’s Ein Luza neighborhood, with no reported arrests.

Hospitals in Gaza need anesthetic gas for surgery

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza has warned that all government hospitals in the besieged coastal area will soon fail to perform emergency and scheduled surgical operations due to the acute shortage of nitrous oxide, which is used as an anesthetic.
Mahmoud Hammad, the ministry’s director of administrative affairs, said on Wednesday that available quantities of nitrous oxide will run out in the next 10 days.
Hammad added that his ministry has contacted many international organizations, including the World Health Organization, to supply Gaza with the anesthetic gas, but the Israeli side is refusing to respond to international requests in this regard.
“The facilities (hospitals) of the Ministry of Health require 120 nitrous oxide cylinders per month,” said the health official.

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza warned that all operations in the besieged enclave will soon be halted due to a shortage of nitrous oxide.
The ministry said in a statement that Israeli occupation authorities banned the import of nitrous oxide in early 2021.

Israel refuses to allow lawyers to visit hunger strikers

The Palestinian Detainees Committee reported on Wednesday that Israeli authorities still refuse to allow its lawyers to visit 17 political prisoners on hunger strike.
The Committee stated that 16 of the detainees are on hunger strikes in protest at their continued arbitrary administrative detention without charge or trial.
It added that another detainee is on hunger strike protesting his continued solitary confinement.

(Sources: Days of Palestine, Quds News Network, IMEMC)

Henny A.J. Kreeft
Independent Citizen Journalism

© Khamakar News Agency / 05.08.2021

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