Arrests, Illegal Border Breached, Injured in March, 5 Dead in 2 Weeks, School Attacked, Palestinian Media Attacked


Israeli troops arrest nine Palestinians from Hebron

Today, Tuesday, Israeli occupation forces arrested nine civilians from Hebron Governorate.
Local sources said Israeli occupation forces have arrested six Palestinian civilians after searching their homes in Dura, Deir Samet, and villages of Christa, Beit al-Rush al-Fawqa and Deir al-Asal, southwest of Hebron.
In Sa’ir, northeast of Hebron, Israeli occupation forces arrested ex-prisoner Khalil Abdel Karim Ibrahim Al-Farroukh (age 36) and young man Hamada Anan Jaradat.

Israeli troops arrest 25 Palestinians during nighttime raids

Israeli occupation forces arrested 25 Palestinians on Tuesday, most of them former prisoners, during nighttime raids in several areas of the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, local sources said.
In the city of Al-Bireh, troops have arrested ex-Palestinian detainee Hamdi Romana at his home, though only a month has passed since the Israeli occupation released him after serving 8 years in prison.
The troops also arrested Qassam Abed, a student at Birzeit University, and Magdi Al-Sheikh, from their homes in Al-Bireh.
In Hebron, ex-detainee Hejazi Qawasmeh was seen saying goodbye to his cancer patient child when heavily armed Israeli occupation forces raided his home and arrested him.
The troops also arrested a former detainee and six others, including a father and his son, from various areas in Hebron after raiding and searching their homes.

Israeli troops attack Palestinian schoolchildren with tear gas grenades

Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday attacked Palestinian schoolchildren with tear gas canisters at their school in Tubas in the occupied West Bank.
The Red Cross said more than 30 Palestinian students at a primary school in the village
Tayasir have been attacked with tear gas fired at them by the Israeli occupation forces after they invaded the village today.
Local sources said the troops fired tear gas canisters directly and heavily at the schoolchildren, causing dozens of them breathing difficulties.
Video footage shows the young students crying and screaming as the tear gas fired at them by the forces burns and hurts their eyes, throat, lungs and skin.

Israeli military bulldozers break through border with Gaza, land flat

Israeli military vehicles broke through the central Gaza border east of the Maghazi refugee camp on Tuesday, leveling land, a Days of Palestine correspondent reported.
He said several vehicles and a bulldozer entered the Gaza Strip and fired into the air as the bulldozer leveled the land near the border fence before returning to Israel.

Ten Palestinians injured as Israeli troops suppress march in Nablus

On Monday evening, at least 10 Palestinian civilians were injured by rubber bullets when Israeli occupation forces attacked a march in southern Nablus in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.
The march participants carried Palestinian flags and chanted slogans to greet the detainees’ fortitude in light of the recent punitive measures taken against them.
According to local sources, the march participants were walking towards the Huwara checkpoint in southern Nablus when the IOF launched the attack.

‘Israel’ killed 5 Palestinians in two weeks, OCHA says

Between August 24 and September 6, Israeli occupation forces killed 5 Palestinians from the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, bringing the total number of Palestinians killed by “Israel” since early 2021 to 320.
In its biweekly report Protection of Civilians (between August 24 and September 6), the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in the occupied Palestinian territory said that Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank shot and killed 2 Palestinians, including a child. , while in the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces killed 3 Palestinians, including a child.
On August 24, during a nighttime raid on the Balata refugee camp in Nablus, Israeli forces shot and killed a 15-year-old boy identified as Imad Hashhash.

50 violations of Palestinian media content in August 2021, NGO says

Sada Social Center, a Palestinian digital rights organization specializing in protecting Palestinian stories on social media platforms, documented nearly 50 violations and restrictions on Palestinian content in August 2021.
Sada Social said these violations and restrictions were disseminated to most global social media platforms, especially affecting content and accounts related to the Palestinian situation and the ongoing violations of the Israeli occupation.
The Center said these restrictions also affected Palestinian accounts related to the recent situations in Afghanistan, adding that words like Kabul, Afghanistan or Taliban were enough to remove the content.

Soldiers wound a young man in Jenin

Israeli soldiers shot a young Palestinian man Monday night during a protest at the Dotan military roadblock near the town of Ya’bad, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin.
Media sources said dozens of Palestinians marched in solidarity with the detainees held by Israel, chanting for their release and the establishment of an independent, sovereign Palestinian state.
The soldiers fired live, rubber-coated steel bullets and gas bombs at the protesters.
A Palestinian suffered minor injuries after soldiers shot him in the leg with a rubber-coated steel bullet.

(Sources: Days of Palestine, Quds News Network, IMEMC)

Henny A.J. Kreeft
Independent Citizen Journalism

© Khamakar News Agency / 14.09.2021

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