Albin Kurti: Kosovo embassy may not be in Jerusalem


PRISTINA, PALESTINOW.COMThe Leader of the Self-Determination Movement party, Albin Kurti, on Monday met with the Turkish ambassador in Pristina, and Kosovo’s decision to open an embassy in Jerusalem was among the topics of discussion.

Kurti, who is expected to be Kosovo’s next prime minister after his party won the February 14 parliamentary election, said that “the place where the embassy will be located is to be considered following checking of the documentation of the outgoing government.”

In congratulatory letters published by Kosovo media Express, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urges Kurti to reconsider the decision of the previous government to open an embassy in Jerusalem, while Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu invites him for its inauguration.

“I was also pleased to learn your party’s stance that, when it comes to power, it plans to review Kosovo’s commitment to open its embassy in Jerusalem. I think it would be beneficial to avoid such a step that could cause great harm to Kosovo,” Erdogan wrote to Kurti on February 15, according to Express.

“I attach much importance to Kosovo’s decision to open its embassy in Jerusalem and I look forward to hosting you in Israel for its inauguration,” Netanyahu wrote.

The letters sent in February were published by Kurti’s spokesman, Perparim Kryeziu, on his Facebook page as part of congratulations from world leaders on his victory.

Kosovo’s government pledged with the United States in September 2020 to open its embassy in Jerusalem.

On February 1, Israel and Kosovo established diplomatic ties, and Kosovo’s government renewed its pledge on its embassy.

The European Union has also urged Kosovo not to open an embassy in Jerusalem.

“The EU’s position on relocating embassies to Jerusalem is clear. All the embassies of the EU member states, as well as the EU Delegation to Israel, are located in Tel Aviv,” EU spokesman Peter Stano said.

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