A 16-year-old Palestinian boy shot by IOF in Taqu, prevent Palestinians to provide first aid


BETHLEHEM, PALESTINOW.COM Israeli soldiers shot and injured a 16-year-old Palestinian boy from Taqu’ town in Bethlehem after he tried to escape detention with his hands tied behind his back and eyes folded.

On Tuesday afternoon, Israeli soldiers detained a Palestinian child. They tied his hands and folded his eyes as prior steps to transfer him to an Israeli detention center.

The boy, only sixteen, managed to run away. And this is when the soldiers shot him with live fire that hit his leg.

The Israelis approached the boy and attempted to re-arrest him, but thanks to the brave residents of the town, the re-arresting failed.

A video of the incident showed Palestinian men and women trying to give first aid to the boy, but they were prevented by the Israeli soldiers and threatened by their guns.

Medical sources said that the injury of the boy is severe. The Israeli bullet cut a blood-vessel in the thigh and caused severe bleeding.

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