What should we do to support Al-Aqsa ?

Defending Al-Aqsa is our duty, because al-Aqsa is not only belongs to Palestinians but also the whole Muslim people in the world. So, what we have to do?


What should we do to support Al-Aqsa Mosque?

  • We need to have a right intention in the struggle to liberate Al-Aqsa from the hands of Israeli Zionist occupiers.
  • Search for as much information from various reliable sources NGO / figures, books, TV, Radio, Internet, etc.)
  • Attend the Palestine’s event / activity
  • Join NGO that has goals on fighting for Palestinian independence
  • Donate for Al-Aqsa by your wealth. (Prophet Mohammed PBUH said: “Charity does not decrease wealth”)
  • Convey any information about Palestine and Al-Aqsa in many associations (family, relatives, friends etc.) for approximately five minutes every day.
  • Note about Muslim’s duties as a reminder of the authority of the Al-Aqsa.
  • Pray for Palestine and Al-Aqsa after prayer, everyday.
Hopefully we are included in a line of whom stands to fight for Palestinian independence and Al Aqsa mosque. (Elfalasteen)

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