Palestinians’ reactions over Indonesian delegation to Zionist state


GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM — When I opened twitter today, I still found the topic about the visit of one of the main figures of the Indonesian Islamic organization (NU), Yahya C. Staquf, to the occupied territory, many critics came from various side. The condemnation came from Indonesia and Palestine, official and unofficial.

The Hamas and Fatah factions immediately condemned Staquf’s actions. Hamas called it was a betrayal, even Fatah said it was a criminal offense. While the Palestinian BDS, which also strongly condemn Staquf’s actions, said that he hurted the Palestinian people and urged him for the BDS movement.

Then how is the reaction of the Palestinians themselves? indeed they did not know who Staquf was, but when they heard the news of the Indonesian delegation came to the Zionist state they were disappointed and wondered who it was.

One of those who cast a strong protest was the Palestinian activist from Indonesia, Abdillah Onim. He strongly condemned Staquf’s actions and demanded that he has to apologize to the Indonesian and Palestinian people. He thought that Staquf’s actions could not be justified, as he struggles with the Gazans, how could Staquf sat peacefuly in front of thousands of Zionist supporters. Even his coming to Zionist territory alone is not justified.

Subsequent condemnation came from other Indonesian who also lives in Gaza. He is Muhammad Husein. He and his Palestinian friends also condemned Staquf’s actions. He also showed how the Gazans reacted about Staquf’s visit in a short video. Another Palestinian said that Staquf does not represent the majority of the Indonesian people. And he believes that Indonesia stands for Palestine, and Palestinians also stand for Indonesia.

Another response came from one of Gaza’s activist and journalist, Wafa. She regretted Staquf’s actions, and called for socialization of the BDS movement in Indonesia to know how important this movement is and try to suppress Zionism with the current worldwide BDS movement. (ELF)

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