Minors arrested, homes ravaged in West Bank sweep by Israeli army


Several Palestinians, including minors, were kidnapped by the Israeli military forces in a predawn sweep rocking the occupied West Bank.

The campaign targeted Palestinians from the occupied West Bank provinces of Bethlehem, Ramallah, and al-Khalil, among others.

The list of arrestees included 15-year-old Khaled Safi and 16-year-old Iyad Za’aqiq, both kidnapped by the occupation soldiers from al-Khalil province.

The Israeli troops also stormed Qalqilya province, in the northern occupied West Bank, and wreaked havoc on civilian homes, before they kidnapped two Palestinian young men.

At the same time, the Israeli army rolled into Jenin province at the crack of dawn and ransacked civilian homes before they chased down protesters and showered the area with heavy spates of teargas canisters.

The assault culminated in the abduction of three Palestinian civilians from Jenin’s refugee camp following sporadic clashes in the area.

(Source / 09.10.2017)

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