Malaysia banned Chinese event to celebrate the 50th Israeli occupation over Al-Quds


KUALA LUMPUR, PALESTINOW.COM — The Malaysian Interior Ministry banned an event that was expected to be held by a Chinese organization in mid-June to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Israel’s takeover of Jerusalem.

Malaysia’s Home Affairs Minister Zahid Hamidi said during a collective break-of-fast celebration that he gave instructions to stop preparations for the projected celebration, dubbing it a provocation to the Muslim community.

Hamidi added that the ban was put into effect following consultations with the Malaysian police. Members of the Chinese organization received over 32 notifications outlawing the event.

In Hamidi’s terms, any event celebrating the occupation of Palestine is just unacceptable by the Malaysians.


Malaysia’s Home Affairs Minister hailed the civil society organizations and Islamic institutions for the memorandums and notes speaking out against the celebration. (PIC)

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