Hamas: Press release on visit of Indonesian scholar to Apartheid State of Israel


GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM — After the shocking visit of Indonesian Muslim Scholar to the Occupied Palestine (Israel), Hamas releases statement that strongly condemn the visit. Because it means that he (as representative of Indonesia) recognized Israel as state. It’s shameful, as we know that majority of Indonesian people stand with Palestine against the Zionist illegal occupation.

Before, Staquf in his clarification letter said that he cancelled to give lecture in Jerusalem, but later on he confirmed as speaker in the forum along with Zionist PM Netanyahu. Palestinian BDS Movement also strongly condemn his action, Indonesian people send protest to him but he abandoned it. (ELF)

Press release on visit of Indonesian scholar to Israeli Occupation

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, along with the Palestinian people, received with severe censure the news that Islamic scholar Yahya Khalil Thaqouf is visiting the Zionist Entity despite the lack of official relations between Indonesia and the Zionist Entity and the Indonesian people’s complete opposition to this visit.

As we appreciate Indonesia’s historic stances in support of the Palestinian people’s rights and their struggle for freedom and independence, we express our condemnation to this disgraceful act, which is not only an insult to the Palestinian people and their sacrifices but for the Indonesian people and their long history in supporting the Palestinian cause.

This visit represents a huge support for this fascist regime and its legitimacy and provides it more cover to commit further crimes against the Palestinian people and their holy sites while leaving the door open for those willing to normalize with the Israeli Occupation.

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement

June 11, 2018

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