Hamas: We must defend Al-Aqsa and Ibrahimi


WEST BANK, PALESTINOW.COM — Senior Hamas official Ayman Abu Khalil has called on the Palestinian people in the occupied territories to confront Israel’s violations against the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and the Ibrahimi Mosque in al-Khalil city.

In a press release on Monday, Abu Khalil strongly denounced the Israeli occupation authority for closing the Ibrahimi Mosque to Muslim worshipers and allowing thousands of Jewish settlers to desecrate it during their Sukkot holiday, describing the measure as “a flagrant violation of the Palestinians’ right to their Mosque.”

“The Aqsa Mosque’s exposure to daily break-ins by hundreds of Jewish settlers every day and preventing the Adhan (call to prayer) for days at the Ibrahimi Mosque entail a popular and official response,” the Hamas official underlined.

He called on the Palestinian Authority to activate its role in protecting the Islamic holy sites and exposing Israel’s attempts to impose its control over them through highlighting the issue during international events. (PIC)

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