BDS Movement condemns Staquf visit to Apartheid State of Israel


PALESTINOW.COM — The Palstinian Boycott, Divestment and  Sanctions (BDS) Movement strongly condemned the “representative” of Indonesia who came Jerusalem to fulfill the Zionist authority’s invitation.

Zionist Broadcasting Corporation “Makan” reported that delegates of Indonesian Muslim Organization Nahdatul Ulama will visit the Jerusalem to have dialogue about Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

In a statement received by Quds Press, BDS in Palestine said the visit was “embarrassing and unacceptable”.

The visit “provides the legitimacy and protection of the occupation to increase the pace of attacks against Palestinians, better control them, and even deprive them of their most basic rights,” the statement said.

BDS urged official authorities and Nahdatul Ulama to clarify their position on the visit, warning at the same time that “the Palestinians will not be passive in front of this open normalization and will not allow this visit to pass”.

Yahya Cholil Staquf (Gus Yahya) came Jerusalem to meet the invitation of Zionist authority. Yahya’s attitude is also condemned by Muslims in Indonesia. (ELF)

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